The Realization of Perfection

What is perfection and why are we always searching for it? Perfection can only be defined as the complete, whole essence of the ONE ORIGINAL SOURCE. Anything less than that is imperfect because it is not inclusive of the WHOLE which is perfect.

Our knowledge of “good and bad” created our fall in consciousness. We no longer viewed the world through one lens, the lens of Love and because of this, we were gripped by fear and went into, survival mode. This divided perception was a disconnect from the Whole/Source. It was our descent into duality/divided thinking.

When fear made its appearance, we viewed the world and formed our perceptions from two lenses, inner and outer, physical and spiritual, fear and love. These two opposites were and are the battling forces in our mind. They are the war-zone of duality. Whereas, before our “fall” in consciousness, (our disconnect from Source), our perceptions had only ONE lens, one view. The spiritual, cosmic side of life. That’s all we knew. We romped gleefully in the playground of Love in complete alignment with Source and rode the wave of perfection daily.

Once we began operating from two different perceptions, we set the law of cause and effect into motion, the “if this then that” paradigm causing us to consciously exist in “time” rather than “eternity.” And, that’s where we currently find ourselves – a 3D being wrapped up in time consciousness.

Although our original state of perfect being is and was deceptively alluring, it offers nothing in the way of self-knowledge in regards to knowing ourselves as perfection. Experience, because of feedback from the 5 physical senses, is the single grantor of knowledge. Only by stepping into imperfection is the knowledge of perfection gained. Even the word “imperfection” silently but boldly places before us a key, for cradled within the word (for those with “eyes that see”) is perfection.

Perfection has no definition without its counterpart imperfection (and vice-versa). It’s our knowledge of imperfection (gained through living experience) that defines and imparts to us the knowledge of what perfection is. And, the Christ Child, the Divine Human, “Homo Luminous” is born of this perfect knowledge. 

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”—John 3:3.




Imperfect imparts PERFECTION, because imperfection holds within it the rich rewards of EXPERIENCE. 

Experience is the great teacher and bestow-er of KNOWLEDGE. It is through man’s experience that his intellect grows and evolves on it’s journey seeking perfection. Until one day, in that seeking, the “light of knowledge” is switched on and man KNOWS HIMSELF AS GOD – as the PERFECTION he has been seeking all along.

This KNOWLEDGE grants the most empowering love of self that cannot be gained through any other avenue and it heals all perceptions that operate from separation. And, two become ONE in the DIVINE MARRIAGE which produces the Second Birth, that of the Christ Child.

Our journey into the physical realm, into form, may be God’s slowest frequency expression but it is also the only highway to our complete and perfect expression of LOVE, of Source. It is the proverbial “yellow brick road” back home to our DIVINE ESSENCE because we gain our KNOWLEDGE OF GOD/SELF through the electromagnetic brain-mind connection and the experiences our physical body records.

This KNOWING empowers not only the KNOW-ER, but adds fuel to the FIRE of ETERNAL CREATION,
the ETERNAL FLAME of LOVE, creating “worlds without end.”

For, only God’s complete and perfect expression, the Christ, is empowered to honor and KNOW ITSELF as DIVINE LOVE. This KNOWING, when embraced and nurtured by an “awakened one,” becomes the operating system of the physical brain-mind. No longer does the brain-mind operate from two warring views –  the heart and logic, but, once awakened, operates from the “single eye” inclusive of both (God and Self are ONE) and knows and sees this Truth in all things at all times.

For I AM in you and You are in me…there is no separation – there is only ONE. This enlightened state of consciousness no longer contributes to the creation of separation by seeing separation.

When enough people raise their consciousness to cosmic consciousness, when enough “Christ children” are born to light the world with their brilliance and subdue the darkness, Camelot will once again come alive on Mother Earth. This electrified time is now.

Separation, fears, duality in all forms and cause and effect are erased and replaced with UNITY, Love, Light and Eternal Life. For Light is never overcome by darkness but darkness has no power when Light Appears.

And, we shall live happily ever after, embraced and cradled in the warmth and comfort of Love in an idyllic place of eternal happiness. Our own “Camelot on Earth.”

Now, isn’t this just fun…sharing this blissful journey together?

Lighting your world with LOVE…



  1. Christina Mickel

    Hi Kathy, Thank you for this wonderful post. I just found your website. So I have been busy reading. Much love to you, dear heart.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Christina…
      I am so happy to see you here! Such a bright light and loving spirit!
      You are loved!


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