Spirit and Matter are Inseparably United

Through life I constantly hear people say.

‘The material world is an illusion, there is only Spirit.

The body is unimportant, it will die and the spirit lives on.


What is revealed to me is this…


The MATERIAL WORLD is a world of material that is constantly changing.

A wonderful mentor shared that    M A T T E R    is Moving Atoms Timelessly Transforming Emission Recurrence.

In other words matter is not solid and it is made up of Atoms.

My mentor’s friend remembers him saying
‘if you can synchronize with the wall, you can walk right through it.’

Each are made of atoms with lots of space!

The exciting thing about this material world is just how pliable it really is. Just as we change clothes (made of Material) and notice clothes of finer and finer fabrics or material, so too our bodies are made of material.

With (praise, gratitude, devotion and love of God) our material bodies are transformed to the finest form – THE RADIANT FORM, the Spiritualized Form.

How can anyone want to throw away (via decay, decomposition and death)
anything so fine as this miracle living fabric?


The more we Love our Body as a Divine Man-infestation of God

Like the caterpillar changing to the butterfly, the mortal body born of flesh is transformed or translated into the radiant form through a metamorphosis. In a caterpillar it is going into the cocoon, in human life it is dying to the mortal world and being born anew and living in the eternal world of spirit.


All this through a simple word called LOVE.

So I hope everyone rejoices in their new cloth, their new form, their Holy Radiance!

A new body (matter and spirit now inseparably united) which comes and goes like the wind, casts no shadow, leaves no footprint and has the odor of roses.

May we all be blessed on the great Highway of Forever.


       Love,   Shailaa

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With Gratitude and so much Love to Shailaa for this simple, yet profound message.

Visit Shailaa’s wonderful, enlightening site online for more magic and deep, heart-felt LOVE!



Here Now Forever


“Immortality has been misunderstood for centuries, laughed at and scorned. It is time to bring the information to the light of day so that it is accessible to anyone who has interest. Anyone who is interested in longevity and health will find great interest in the joy of bodily (cellular) transformation via rejuvenation and regeneration.” 










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