13 Keys to Physical Immortality

 Pathways to Immortality

Robert Coon’s 13 Keys to Immortality

1. Establish a relationship with the truth. Meditate to find truth within your own heart.

2. Develop your True Will, or find out what your own True Will is.

3. Pray for peace for the Earth, and for the peace of a united body and soul.

4. Focus on birth, not death. Bless the birth of every living individual, and radiate thankfulness toward the time of your own birth. Begin to think about the birth of every being on the planet, as opposed to their death.

5. Think daily about your own immortal nature. Ask yourself what is the Immortal Self, and begin to trust that. Similarly, look to see the immortal within others.

6. Use your energy for creative work: poetry, music, dancing, and other art forms.

7. Unite your spiritual powers. Learn to direct them through an Open Heart. Develop Compassion. Extend this compassion toward all creatures. Immortality cannot be built upon the death of others.

8. Purify mind, heart, body, and spirit. Train the senses to perceive the Immortal One within one’s self.

9. Develop gratitude. Learn to radiate it toward others. Find the blessing that exists in the moment.

10. Master the three basic energies of praise, love, and gratitude. The frequency of the body is quickened through these energies.

11. Meditate on what life would be like through Life Abundant, if there were a society or culture built on the premise of physical immortality.

12. Ask to be an agent of the Divine Plan of creating physical immortality.

13. In committing to working toward your own physical immortality using the previous twelve steps, keep a diary, and make a record of each step toward immortality that you have successfully made.