The Ancient Faith Reclaimed


Up perpendicular ledges
and towering granite cliffs,
We’ve snatched at jutting projections
and clung to
cloud-wrapped rifts

Souls despairing in anguish
 We’ve struggled in hopeless dismay,
Seeking His trail to follow
 as we’ve climbed
our rugged way!

Never were
craigs so awesome!
Nor ever a mountain so steep!
 Nor ever a need so urgent
a rendezvous to

Of’t with torn, bleeding bodies
we’ve clung to some swaying ledge,
Or only held on blindly to some
crumbling, precarious edge

We’ve snatched at roots or gravel
to feel them give way at our touch
We’ve asked so very little!
And needed that “little” so much

Once, hurled back by a landslide,
we lay bruised against a tree,
While above, on the top of that mountain,
awaited a destiny

A thousand times we were hurled back
 in a broken, anguished heap!
A thousand pit-falls overcome,
our rendezvous to keep

A million hazardous
testings we faced
in that upward climb!
A million sobbing heartbreaks,
etched deep on the face of “time

The top of the mountain was cloud-banked,
the goal obscure, unclear–
It was only a dream, seen vaguely,
as we climbed those crags in fear! 

‘Twas only a vision beckoned,
above the dreary world—
Only a vision of glory
that ever its promise unfurled

At last! 
Aft’r years of struggle!
A seeming eternity!
Our goal loomed high above us!
Our rendezvoused destiny

Inch by inch!  Slowly!  Soul-searing!
We grappled with elements wild!
Exiled! Cast out in discredit
like destiny’s orphaned child! 

So many times, on that last cliff,
we were hurled to the ledge below!
But somewhere along that upward climb
our “faith” had advanced to “KNOW

Up that ledge we dug our way!
Up! Up the mountain so steep!
Up! Up through those exiled years of life,
our destiny to keep

Our strength increased with our progress!
Joy became mighty and strong!
In danger, or heart-rending setbacks,
we’d lift up our hearts in song

When we’d finally reached the top,
place of our noble,  destined tryst
We breathed in humbled, breathless awe
as we kneeled at the feet of Christ

“You’ve traveled the road I mapped for man,
the way  to overcome!
You’ve learned to hear the voice of God!
And let His will be done

The road I left the map for,
that age-dimmed, forgotten Way
You have blazed anew in power
more brilliant than the day

Turn!  And look back where you’ve traveled!
Look back where the mountain has been!
There’s my open highway of glory you’ve rebuilt for the
Race of men


                                                              By Annalee Skarin; “Secrets of Eternity”