Physically Immortal

Door of Everything

The Door of Everything
by Ruby Nelson


Love. Love as you have never known it or imagined it to be.


Love, the only true force in all creation, the Light out of which all things were made, the cohesive power which holds all things together.

Love. Let your soul stand forth and LIVE. For of what profit is it if a man gains the whole world and loses his own soul? Come! Meet me just inside the Door of Everything, in my timeless realm of Being, where all the perfect qualities of your Grand Cosmic Self will intersect and blend into one precious jewel-the precious jewel of Love.

At the summit of the highest level of human consciousness
there is a “Door” through which you can slip and be free from all the
influences you are under in the sub-creation.

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The real Truth is that the only begotten of the Father is a — Grand Cosmic Being
a perfect man or woman, a radiant image clothed in robes of shimmering Light,
a godlike ideal who claims the cosmos for his playground and comes and goes with the speed of thought,
a joyous being whose vibration is quickened by the rate of mind and whose consciousness is as expansive as mine –
the Living Christ.

My favorite chapter: 6 

The Second Birth

Much has been learned about the physical endocrine system from the animal kingdom, even from the caterpillars. 
When hardly even a piece of skin or bone can be exchanged among my children without serious consequences, 
it is apparent that hormones of the endocrine system are of a very exclusive nature since some of them
may be exchanged among species, human or animal, without harm, often with interesting results.

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