Physically Immortal

Welcome to Love, Light and Life

As a mystic, energy healer, intuitive, 
disciple and teacher of

Sacred Truth Principles and Divine Laws
I want to welcome you to
my humble home of

Love, Light and Life

It is my heartfelt desire to share in the process of waking souls from their hypnotic slumber in 3d to Eternal Life in 5d. We all travel the same disciplined road of discovery and ascension and its time to share with each other all we’ve learned/gleaned along this sacred path of soul, spiritual and bodily growth and transformation.

We are basking in the aura of Aquarius and high-frequency rays of photonic light (the perfection of Love) and the Sacred Light Codes hidden within our DNA (the path to immortality) are being stirred and awakened from slumber into divine action.

We are transforming from human to divine in nature – moving up the consciousness/frequency scale from planetary citizens to Galactic citizens.

As our minds embrace and ascend to their pinnacle of thought; the perfection of our authentic Love, our body (which is integrally connected) translates/metamorphoses into its highest evolutionary form – a beautiful radiant body of Love, Light and Life. A crystalline light form no longer subject to death.

It is the integration of spirit and matter within our physical body as our minds and hearts unite and work in coherence as One.

As single bright lights of energy emerge and begin multiplying into communities, we create Heaven on Earth or more appropriately, Earth as Heaven where Love reigns supreme in the Divine mystical eternal marriage of spirit and matter as One force.

Please take time to browse the site and fill both your heart and your mind with divine grace.

There are tabs at the top where you can access many free gifts to help you on your own personal journey into authentic Love. You’ll also find free chakra information, tools and charts to help you gauge where your energy blockages are so you can work to heal them, meditations to balance your energy field/chakras and bring your mind peace and your heart fulfillment and lots of wonderful, enlightening articles and videos to keep you engaged, healing and growing towards the Light.

I’ve included links at the bottom to other enlightening, inspiring, energy healing and joy-filled sites. Through their own expression of love in/as music, art or word, they bring us into divine, euphoric resonance, lifting all those who land there. 

If you would like to be included in this list, please contact me.

If you feel the calling to join us as a “Crystal Light” guest poster (a new program) and you can offer something that enlightens and brightens, to the community that is drawn here, please contact me as well.

Welcome to our humble tribe of
Love Warriors. 

In-Service to Love…