Physically Immortal

Dandelions are Solar Flowers


Alcyone quickened Earth with Pleiadian love vibrations at Zero Point through the Sirian expansion triggered by, the incarnation of Christ, a human carrying the intelligence of nine dimensions simultaneously. Christ implanted the Pleiadian love vibration, and that vibration quickened Earth until 1987, when, at Harmonic Convergence, these 9D seeds were released all over Earth.


These seeds became flowers in each body that would release this essence into Gaia. Gaia will release each human who becomes the Sacred Tree into the Milky Way Galaxy, like a child blowing on seeding dandelions.


Dandelions, which are solar flowers, cannot seed until each flower has used up its carbon energy. Then they restructure as silica filaments, which can fly away and carry seeds on the wind. These seeds take root and transmute more carbon matter to silica. You can imagine this because you all have picked up dandelions when they look like starbursts, and you have blown them and watched their delicate silica filaments carry seeds on the wind.

Well, people, we’d like you to know about how you can complete your carbon-based bodies and evolve them to light-encoded filaments. Imagine billions of light-encoded filaments swirling around your throat that become vertical rods of light as you speak your truth. Your whole body lifts as an umbrella of filaments carries you into the Galaxy to seed it.

You can only do this by identifying and speaking your truth, which you can find in all the wonderful encounters you’ve had during the Galactic Night with multidimensional beings who were exploring themselves in 3D through you. We will teach you to identify the vibration of each dimension that has been playing with you since 8800 B.C .

These are the contents of Pandora’s Box.

Barbara Hand Clow – Pleiadian Cosmology

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