The Physical Body is the Path to Immortality

The body serves as a sacred and loyal vessel that keeps us alive, conscious, responsive and active in the physical domain. Through the use of our physical senses, operating within 3D awareness, we experience the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the likes and dislikes, the hurts and the hugs that life challenges or rewards us with.

Very few would argue that we have the most amazing body imaginable, blessed with abilities limited only by one’s imagination. This is the body we’ve been given, the instrument that guides and protects us as we navigate through life.

So, why then do we want to rid ourselves of this grand creation? Why do we believe we must shed this “skin” in order to fully align with our creator in some far off “imagined” Heaven? Why do some, even mystics believe that the body is detrimental and blocks our connection to Source, to LOVE?

Why has the body been so bashed? Why do people place their attention, energy and focus on leaving the Earth for some greater cosmic experience?

If our creator fashioned us with a body isn’t it likely that the body also has a noble purpose for being here other than to navigagte us through life and end up in entropy and decay? 

We need to take a step back, throw out all stored or past info that errantly degrades the body and begin to understand and discern how glorious this body of ours is and why we must have one to continue forth on this journey of evolution as conscious creators, empowered to glorify God/Love eternally! If we wish to reach the pinnacle of human endeavor (the highest thought in expression) – immortality, perfection of the body is mandatory.

How do we achieve bodily perfection? By mastering our minds because all creation begins its journey into manifestation in the mind. What the mind believes, the body achieves. When our mind aligns so completely with LOVE that all energy, no matter what form, is perceived as LOVE, we LIGHT-UP as LOVE made manifest. A LIGHT unto the world. A lamp that LIGHTS the darkness.

This is about evolving the human body from a lower/slower, state/dimension/frequency to a higher/faster, state/dimension/frequency and it can only be done with conscious intent expressing through a mind/body. If we separate from the body as in “death” then the body returns to dust (where it came from – it did not reach the pinnacle of evolution in this cycle) and the soul naturally seeks another form (to become a “living soul”) and opportunity for evolutionary growth. (LOVE is always pushing us towards perfection.)

As all things in existence began their journey into form from the cosmic egg (ONENESS) when the spark of “creation/creative thought breathed/expressed out SELF-LOVE, so too is our body a result of this creative moment/movement as it began its eternal journey from “divine, incorporeal, intangible thought to physical corporeal, tangible form” where it has the opportunity to express LOVE, to become aware of itself AS LOVE.

Our creator as a hologram of LOVE, divided itself/became multiples of itself at this moment of expressive intent, yet each piece was the whole of LOVE unto itself. LOVE is the only thing that is ALL INCLUSIVE and leaves nothing out, therefore each holographic piece was all-inclusive of the creator, making the creation also the creator.

Creation and Creator are ONE

Creation or LIFE is the way that LOVE expresses/appreciates/glorifies itself in form. Why? 

Because LOVE wishes to multiply and cannot multiply without dividing! You can’t have one without the other.

LOVE is a hologram that divides itself and these divisions then become the multipliers of LOVE “worlds without end amen.”


Death of the physical body takes away our ability to express and multiply LOVE consciously –  the very reason we’ve been created.

Robert Coon, author of “Phoenix Rising” says that physical immortality is the “Ultimate Phase of Initiation.” It is the “perfection” we’ve been seeking and why we incarnate in the first place. 

The Vedantic Hindu scholar, Haridas Chaudhuri states:

The body is not only a ladder that leads to the realm of immortality, but also an excellent instrument for expressing the glory of immortality in life and society. It is capable of being thoroughly penetrated by the light of the spirit. It is capable of being transformed into what has been called the “Diamond Body.” 

As a result of such transformation, the body does not appear any more to be a burden upon the liberated self. It shines as the Spirit made Flesh. 

It functions as a very effective instrument for creative action and realization of higher values in the world. (Love in action on Earth as it is in Heaven). 

Since we are both creator and creation, we are empowered to create Heaven on Earth. It begins when we no longer live in a 3D world of separated, dual thought, where “if this then that” is the rule of law. 

Where God is one thing and we are another.

Consciously shifting out of this lower 3D level of “victim” perception, aligns us with a higher level of LOVE as our consciousness/perceptions shift into 5D, where only Unity, wholeness and ONENESS exist to our perceptions – where we KNOW ALL THINGS, including ourselves as GOD/ONE/WHOLENESS – LOVE.

ONE will always come before two!

Unconditional Love

It is at this point, that we KNOW our true identity as divine, and for the first time, we authentically fall in love with ourselves, body included. All destructive self-criticism, guilt or anger is transformed by intended LOVE.

LOVE is the essence/realm of LIGHT and LIFE. When LOVE expresses, fear, darkness, destruction and death are transmuted to LOVE because faster energy always absorbs slower energy/frequency.

LOVE is the ultimate Alchemist. For only LOVE loves all things equally because it is all things.

Fall in love with yourself as a God and you will CONSCIOUSLY ASCEND in THOUGHT and FORM as a GOD, with full God faculties…

Shining as the Spirit made Flesh…empowered to create Heaven on Earth.

“able to come and go as the wind and no one knoweth where you come or whither you go.”


Worlds without end Amen –

This is the Circle of Life…
of Love in Eternal Expression,

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth; so is EVERY ONE who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)



  1. Shailaa

    Kathy this is a masterpiece of writing. Such love, such wisdom It allows everyone who receives to live true Soul Freedom. Blessings for sharing!!!!!

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Thank you love…from ONE Light Being to another. 😉


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