Love is the Only Answer…


“When your  eyes and ears have been tuned to Love, seeing and hearing only Unity in all things expressing, then you no longer contribute to the creation of separation
by seeing separation.”   Consciously Creating Camelot


Below is an excerpt from one of Joseph Benner’s papers. Some generous soul made freely available all of Joseph Benner’s highly enlightening books and papers. I have been a long time fan of Joseph Benner since beginning my inner/immortal journey over 40 years ago, so my eyes lit up like bright candles and my heart sang praises to the Divine for this bountiful online source.

If felt the same type of excitement I felt when discovering Annalee Skarin’s publications all on one website years back that another soul whose Light grew so big they could not sit idle, took the time to upload for all seekers of Truth to be led to when the timing was right.


Here’s a short excerpt from:  Lazarus, Come Forth! – Paper 38


“Therefore, watch that they do not deliver you up to be afflicted. That is, be prepared, so that in His Name (in His Consciousness) you can rise above it all and be free and untouched by whatever comes to pass.

Then is the time when all disciples of Christ must flee into the mountains of the Spirit, must deliberately and actually transcend their body consciousness and enter and abide in their Christ Consciousness.


Most people still have NO IDEA that allowing external conditions/news to disturb their equalibriam is a reaction that actually contributes to creating more of the same. 

As Warriors of Truth and Love, ALCHEMISTS OF DIVINE ENERGY, we must choose to rise, abide and LIVE only by the LIGHT OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS or sink back into the dregs and fear of mortal/mass consciousness.

Why is this important?


A Major Consciousness Shift has occurred – 


Consciously, we are moving back into the Light of Unity and Oneness. As the LIGHT of LOVE Consciousness continues to expand into all dark corners, darkness and it’s favorite sons fear/survival and protection are being eliminated.

Darkness cannot escape the LIGHT of LOVE, of Christ Consciousness. For this is pure Crystal LIGHT that contains no dark elements. It is ALL POWERFUL over DARKNESS for it contains NO Disturbance but is pure LOVE VIBRATION.

The only way to avoid unpleasant experiences when our egos/thinking minds see things outside of Love in action, is to shift our conscious attention/consciousness to abide and resonate a DIFFERENT FREQUENCY. That different frequency must be Christ Consciousness, the consciousness of LOVE.


We do that by seeing LOVE when others FEAR.


Turn on the LIGHT in a room and darkness flees.

LOVE is the frequency of the Universe. It is the original frequency of all things before being distorted by FEAR. That means ALL THINGS are LOVE at their core.

By seeing past the illusion that presents itself, that we normally interpret as something to fear, by rising consciously and seeing only LOVE (as a Master would do) we manifest LOVE. When seeing destruction and living in fear, we have separated from the whole and manifest more of the same because everything is frequency.

Ponder these wise words of Nicola Tesla, “if you want to understand the Universe/us, you must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Whatever we resonate, we draw to us and add our energy to the creation and expansion of more of it!! Resonate Love and we expand it. Resonate fear and we expand that.

We EXPAND WHAT WE ARE, NOT WHAT WE THINK or WISH WE ARE. Frequency and vibration – IN THE MOMENT – are everything!


The Great Masters – 


We must follow in the footsteps of great Masters. Jesus has always been my favorite and “go to” example.



Masters walk through the darkest, most violent storms of Life without being touched, simply because they resonate LOVE.


LOVE is what empowers us and creates a frequency that nothing external, no matter how low the frequency can touch us. For LOVE conquers ALL because it is the seed/the kernel within all things and all things respond to it!

Be the Grand Alchemist  empowered to change energy from one form/fear to the other/Love. 

See LOVE (the bigger picture) when the ego sees distortion (the limited view). 



Worlds without end AMEN!

LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE are all the same frequency!! Vibrate one and you vibrate all three.

Death is a very slow frequency and cannot touch this

By seeing and focusing our energy on LOVE (the real thing), we contribute to it’s everlasting eternal growth.

God Bless generous hearts full of LOVE…who so freely offer this great LIGHT so that they through example show/shower others so they may too awaken to LIFE ETERNAL. You are blessed beyond measure.

I love you guys beyond words…

Here’s the link to Joseph Benner’s material.

So much gratitude and blessings to the sweet soul that did all this work so that others can benefit!

The Impersonal Life

(this dear divine soul signed his books Anonymous)

Here’s the link to Annalee Skarin’s material…
again gratitude and blessings to the sweet soul who posted them!

Ye Are Gods

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