Physically Immortal

Cosmic Design

Love is the Only Answer…

“When your  eyes and ears have been tuned to Love, seeing and hearing only Unity in all things expressing, then you no longer contribute to the creation of separation by seeing separation.”  Consciously Creating Camelot Shortly after arriving home from…
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Annalee Skarin, Ascension, Cosmic Design, Perfection, Think With The Heart, Wholeness/Oneness

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High Priests and High Priestesses of Melchizedek

Excerpts from “The Holy Grail” by Robert Coon: From the beginning, Melchizedek has always been devoted to the creation of the New Jerusalem, or the Earthly Paradise. This devotion of Will was clearly formulated during his Immortal Initiation through Michael….
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Ascension, Cosmic Design, Light Body, Perfection, Think With The Heart, Translation, Truth

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