Meditation – the Power of Living Love Within Chaos…

The real purpose of meditation.

As a longtime seeker of Truth, I know firsthand the value of meditation and where it can take us.

Meditation takes practice, practice and more practice, especially in the beginning. Like everyone else, when I first began meditating, my mind was all over the place. It seemed I had little control as it bucked like a wild horse that refused to “fall in line” and “be tamed.” 

But, I didn’t give up. If other people experienced “peace” of mind, that state of total bliss that deep meditation provides, then I knew that I could as well and that’s all I needed to keep me going.

Meditation is nothing new. It has been around for thousands of years and promoted by religions and cultures worldwide each offering slightly different techniques. With such a variety of ways to meditate, some including visual or audio aides there is a technique for everyone.

If background music is your thing, there are numerous “sound” solutions that can help you to reach a state of inner peace and the Internet is a wonderful source to tap as it provides a haven of sites teaching different meditation techniques and methods. And, let’s not forget the wealth of YouTube videos available that provide beautiful music, visuals and certain frequencies like binaural beats to aid your meditations.

If one solution doesn’t work, try another. Only you can decide for yourself what works best for you.

After trial and error and trying different modes of music, sound and binaural beats for myself, I am going to share what worked for me and took my meditations from average to deeply spectacular. This particular form of meditation allowed me to quiet my mind and fall into a deep state of peace such as I’ve never felt before.manifesting meditation

Meditations for Manifesting: Morning and Evening Meditations to Literally Create Your Heart’s Desire by our beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Using this meditation, I felt myself “blend” into everything around me. It was a Oneness with all of life and for the first time, I was able to carry that “peace” into my daily life.

And, isn’t that what meditation is really for?

Meditation is not just about enjoying freedom from the tyranny of our thoughts for a brief period of time. Although it does indeed provide a brief reprieve from our thoughts, there is way more to it than that.

Meditation isn’t something we perform in a bubble and then return to a world of chaos. That would be like leaving our muscles at the gym after exercising.

The benefits of meditation don’t stop when the meditation does any more than the benefits that exercise provides stays at the gym.

Meditation is a “life solution”…just as working out at the gym to stay fit is a “life solution.”

Unlike Vegas, what we do at the gym doesn’t stay at the gym. It is preparation for healthy, conscious, vital living. We exercise and keep our bodies in great shape so that we can live a life of strength and vitality. Life to the fullest.

The same principle applies to meditation.

True meditation is about “living that peaceful feeling” when everything around us screams chaos.

True meditation is the ability to call forth the peace we enjoyed while meditating even when we’re not actively meditating. Just as working our muscles at the gym gives us the ability to run marathons, pick up our children and grandchildren, and dance to our heart’s content when not at the gym, meditation is preparation to live our life with JOY in every moment as we consciously call forth “peace” in all circumstances.

This is true Mastery and mind control…and what meditation is really about and for.

Meditation builds muscle that boosts inner strength. This inner strength is what we emotionally and mentally draw upon from moment to moment as we “live in the world” the same way that our strength training exercise builds muscles that we draw upon for physical strength as we “live in the world.”

Anyone can find peace when isolated…but only the strongest, emotionally balanced, self-controlled minds find peace amid chaos. And, that’s what the practice of meditation is really for.

Celebrating Love, Light, and Life,


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