Eyes that See and Ears that Hear…

How powerful are your perceptions? So powerful that they are creating your world and everything in it.


As a Light-worker, you know where your head needs to be at all times, yet sometimes even a light-worker stumbles. The world can be a scary and evil place if the mind is not tamed and the eyes and ears are not open to reality.

Admittedly, in a world full of chaos and fear, it’s not easy to keep our perceptions clear. How do you handle the emotions that stem from what you are visually perceiving when actions in the world upset your equilibrium? How do you remove yourself from the illusion and get balanced and centered again? How do you live in the world but not “of the world?”

Center is the home of Eternity and Eternity is where Love abides. It is the “now moment, the gift of the present” that resides between the past and future of our minds where our thoughts, judgments, and personal opinions live and thrive.

LOVE has no thoughts, judgments or personal opinions but LOVES all things equally. Thoughts, opinions, and judgments live in our minds and are personal to us alone. 

What separates a Master from the norm?


Energy is pure LOVE in its original state. It may get distorted by the user, but it is still LOVE/Source in its original pure form. The key to the puzzle is perception – how the mind perceives the energy.

A Master sees through different eyes and hears through different ears. A Master sees ONE THING AT ALL TIMES and that is LOVE. No thoughts, opinions, judgments, personal emotions or feelings are busy creating an illusion that others of lower frequency experience.

When an uncomfortable situation arises, those operating out of fear will likely see hate, anger, hostility, war and all related cousins.

But Masters only see and KNOW LOVE, therefore, they experience only Love.


Masters are great Alchemists, changing negative to positive by their pure powerful perceptions! They are divine architects, building Heaven on Earth through their empowered use of energy and clarity of Love.

We are creators, whatever we see (our perceptions), we create. Therefore, to eliminate negative conditions, we must not see them. Seeing negative conditions creates more of the same because energy is added to the mix! Anyone from any consciousness level can do that, and in fact, most are doing just that because humans have been trained to operate and perceive through the eyes of fear/survival and protection.

Separation into our privately held thoughts is an illusion and a distortion of the One true thing – Love. There is only ONE operation going on and that operation is LOVE but it takes a disciplined mind to see it at all times. The heart, soul, mind, and strength must be aligned and resonating as one frequency. 

ONE will always come before two. 

The highest honor and glory we can give our creator is to plant LOVE where others fear. 

It takes no power to see negative, it’s what we’ve been programmed to see – but seeing positive where others see negative, planting LOVE where others fear is where POWER and MASTERY abide~ and when our point of perception is so stilled to only see LOVE we are invited to join the ranks of the DIVINE IMMORTALS as an architect in the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Become the Grand Alchemist you were born to be by transmuting distorted energy back into Love through the power of your mastered perceptions.

That’s how powerful you are!

You are Love and you are loved!!

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