The Mystical Sacred Heart Rose

The Heart…The Mystical Rose Within

Have you ever tried to force a rose bud open? If you have you learn quickly that it won’t work.The same goes for the growth of your soul because your soul contains the “mystical center” the “mystical rose” which is destined to bloom, unfold and release its perfume at the perfect moment in the perfect time.

The blossoming of the rose must not be forced if it is to endure, but must unfold according to the nature of its species.The bud must not be pulled open from without, but must follow the Law of Manifestation, i.e., that all growth must come from within outward.”

The Mystical Rose 

According to Mystics, the “object of evolution among all forms is the perfect manifestation of the highest type-form of each species.”
This high state is termed “Mastery” and occurs within every species. For example, “among the various earths, the diamond has reached this perfected state of Mastery. Among metals it is gold. Among the trees it is the oak, and among flowers it is the rose. Among animals it is man. Among mankind it is the spiritually illuminated Initiate.”

The rose is very symbolic and our love of roses and their perfume extends deep past our minds into our hearts where our own “mystical rose” lives.

All roses require pruning to reach the fullness and richness of beauty and perfection. As a child of nature, our budding mystical rose must also endure repeated pruning and diligent attention by “the wise gardener,” if we are to put forth the perfect bloom.

Only when we are firmly rooted in the soil of earth and absorbing the “sun and waters” of Divine Love can our Mystical Rose buds begin to open following their Divine Blueprint, allowing our mystical perfume to be released.

Just as there is a golden center within the heart of every rose, so too is the “Golden Light of the Christ-force found in the hearts of all mankind.” It is your Mystical Rose, your perfect expression of YOU.

“If we realize that we too have a golden heart where the Divine Flame manifests as life, love, cheer and beauty, we can send up our stamens of aspiration no matter how gloomy and sunless the day, and draw down and absorb the warmth of Divine Love which shall enable us to put forth blossoms instead of thorns in our life.

“Therefore, day after day let us concentrate on the Mystic Rose within and the ideals we desire to have bloom in our life and let the undesirable qualities fall from us like faded petals, because we no longer hold them to us or give them life-force by our attention or by thinking of or expressing them.”

For, who could believe that the Source of creation could ever create such addictive aroma and beauty within the rose and not extend the same grace to his own children?

We are creating a magnificent garden full of “roses in bloom,” the Garden of Divine Humanity…perfected roses in bloom that are free of disease and distortion, expressing Divine Radiance, Divine Love, the Mystical Rose that we are, the perfected human, the Divine Man.


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