Follow Your Sacred-Immaculate Heart…

♥ Follow Your Heart. Your Heart knows the way. ♥


The HEART is the first organ created.

Our Heart-beat belongs to us alone. It is our connection to the DIVINE.

It is a pump that moves and vibrates Divinity 

It is Sacred and Pure

The brain comes much later. It is a wild horse not knowing its mission until it evolves far enough to see beyond the illusion and discovers the ONE PURE THING – the HEART.

It is then tamed by the Immaculate Sacred Heart and becomes an instrument of Divinity.

A Divine Human. One who walks the earth in complete alignment with the Divine.
Heaven and earth joined as ONE force rather than divided by time.
The Mind of Christ in action.
The Land of Love on Earth as it is in Heaven


Your “Sacred Immaculate Heart”…


Follow Your Heart. You are Divinity itself!

You are LOVE…


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