Consciously Immortal


The word “immortal” blazoned in front of my consciousness yesterday, but with clarity I’ve never had before.

Within the word immortal are the words I’m and mortal. Join the two as ONE and you have IMMORTAL!

I AM is your higher Eternal God self that is always in operation. You could call it your “spiritual” side. This force beats your heart and breathes for you, among other vital operations. You know its there, you recognize this tremendous background of Eternal Wisdom even if you can’t physically experience or clearly define it. Sort of like appreciating electricity for everything it offers even though you cannot visually see it.

Mortal is your limited, transitory, physical self, the one focused totally on what it is fed by your five physical senses. It operates primarily from this information.

You and I are Immortal but not conscious of it until we acquire a physical body that supplies the needed brain mechanism that allows us to operate as a conscious being that eventually comes to KNOW ITSELF as DIVINE.  As LOVE. The brain falls in love with the heart AND THE TWO BECOME ONE.

When you JOIN THE TWO INTO ONE, when you perform the divine alchemy and marriage between heaven and earth, between Immortal and mortal, between intuition and logic, The Divine Child, the Christ Child is born of this union. This Christ Child is the highest level of human “conscious” achievement you can reach. Once you turn this corner, you become Conscious of your Immortality!

We’ve been led to discard the body as trash,

or at least as something that has been “holding us back” from our union

with the divine, when IN REALITY, IT HAS BEEN THE PATH –



It’s time to honor the body for the vital role it plays in our immortality, in our JOY OF LIVING. For without it, without our mortal side, immortality would not exist! You can’t have one without the other.

The path to immortality is our mortality and to deny it is to deny our immortality.

Embrace and LOVE ALL THAT YOU ARE, FOR YOU ARE DIVINE! Every atom within every cell!

YOU ARE LOVE ~~~               




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