Ascension and the Solar Flash…

Have you noticed?

The sun is getting brighter!


When I was younger, the sun was always depicted as yellow because the sun appeared yellow. For a brief second, take a look at the sun now…it is not yellow it is BRIGHT WHITE!

The sun (like all things in the cosmos) is indeed heating up in preparation for the Great Ascension, the Solar Flash spoken of in myths, tales, religions and cultures, both ancient and modern.

Any fire as it heats to higher temperatures, changes color and white hot is hotter than yellow hot!

I was not at all surprised reading and listening to this info as I said long ago that something was going on with the sun…that it was getting hotter. Living in Florida, there were/are days when I cannot even look at the sand on the beach because the light reflection is just too strong and hurts my eyes. I’ve lived here a long time and it was not like that years ago.

The sun is heating up…the days are hotter causing consciousness to expand and hold more LIGHT. Could it just be a result of something in the atmosphere? Possibly. But, not likely. Why, because, the entire solar system is getting warmer not just earth. Something is going on and it is affecting the rays we receive from the sun.

Just as we traverse from winter back to summer, the sun too has its own cycle, traveling away from its Light source and receiving less Light to traveling towards its Light source and receiving expanded Light. This powerful cycle is called “precession of the equinoxes.” When we are bathing in intense cosmic rays, we are “enlightened” in consciousness – we have full understanding and love for who we are. When we travel into darkness cosmically, our consciousness takes a dip into darker realms. Hence the “dark ages.” Our consciousness is totally focused on surviving.

All this is dictated by LIGHT/Cosmic Cycles. It is the “clock” of the growth of human consciousness.

The Cosmic Cycle of Consciousness Growth


It’s the LOVE frequency/vibration that’s heating things up – it is melting “cold, cold hearts.” For nothing can resist the power of LOVE. It is the single frequency, the one common frequency we all share!

We, as humans on our cycle of consciousness growth have completed our “hero’s journey.” This cosmic cycle is called the “precession cycle.  It indicates where the axis of the earth points – the North Celestial Pole does not always point towards the same star-field – and which Zodiac sign it lives in. It’s currently leaving the sign of Pisces and entering into the sign of Aquarius, the Age of Light and Love.

Each area of the cosmos or zodiac sign emits its own energy frequency affecting life here on earth accordingly, bringing with it powerful changes, physically and mentally, socially, economically and personally. In other words, our consciousness grows through the challenges each frequency represents.

This great cosmic cycle takes approximately 24,000+ years to complete as we spend approximately 2,100 years in each sign. Why such a long cycle? To allow and give time for the consciousness of mankind to evolve and expand into pure white LIGHT and to express the pure LOVE of God on earth as it is in heaven. And, that took time!

But. that’s what makes this time SO SPECIAL. We are not only shifting (our axis) from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aquarius, but we are completing the whole cycle and beginning anew! Whenever we complete a cycle here on earth…what do we do? We celebrate – as in birthdays!

And, that’s precisely what this is all about. This is a celebration of human consciousness reaching it’s highest pinnacle – Christ Consciousness. This is the time of the harvest, where one is taken and the other remains (consciously). When the wheat is separated from the chaff.

For seekers of Truth and Love, this is the long awaited time of our celebrated human ASCENSION into GODS! The time has come, the wait and challenges were worth it.

You must understand the vibration game. You hold the key to your own Ascension. You either join the shift party by vibrating at 4th density/5th dimensional LOVE consciousness – the playground of Eternity, or you stay cemented to 3D living and existing in time and travel through another cycle of human consciousness growth. Your choice. This is a HUGE Universe…there’s room for everyone! Where your consciousness is dictates your home, whatever place or planet in the Cosmos that may be.

There is no WRONG CHOICE, nor is there any JUDGMENT! That’s what makes this so fair. You either ascend consciously by your own intention of LOVE or you stay at your current level of understanding until your consciousness growth has reached the needed curiosity to want more and seeks Truth above all else. As each rose blooms and expresses beautifully in its time, so too does every human express beautifully when their time arrives – each one as glorious as the next!

If you are curious and want to know more…your time has arrived.

See you on the other side!

In Love with LOVE…


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