Student and Guru


The Guru and the Student were sitting together in quiet contemplation, and the Student spoke up,
saying, “I know we’ve covered this before, but I’m going to ask this question once again but with
my new understanding behind the question.”
The Guru whispered: “Go right ahead.”
Student: “What am I?”
Guru: “You are the Creator localized.”
Student: “Who am I?”
Guru: “Do you mean right this moment?”
Student: “Yes.”
Guru: “You are the Creator localized who just spoke the word ‘Yes’.”Student: “And nothing more?”
Guru: “So much more you do not have the capacity to comprehend.”
Student: “Why am I?”
Guru: “You are God’s desire for expression in form, and you are your creation and your
creation is you, of you, by you and for you.”
Student: “What is the purpose of creation?”
Guru: “More to the point: what is the purpose of its opposite?”
Student: “If its opposite is destruction, its opposite has no purpose.”
Guru: “Yes, which means that if something has no purpose, it has no existence, leaving
One True Thing. If there is only One True Thing, it and its purpose are also one and the same.”
Student: “So what is creation?”
Guru: “It is simply the act of creating.”
Student: “But why?”
Guru: “What else is there to do? I think, therefore I create, a process that never, ever,
stops. Without it, you have nothing. And who wants nothing when you can have something?
Creation is thought in action. So whatever you think about, you create.”
Student: “If there is but One True Thing, that which is created is one and the same as that
which created it.”
Guru: “Well said.”
Student: “What precedes Creation?”
Guru: “Desire.”
Student: “What precedes desire?”
Guru: “Nothing.”
Student: “So desire is cause?”
Guru: “Desire is the only cause, first cause.”
Student: “How do I then create?”
Guru: “One, desire it; two, picture it; three, command that which you picture to come into
being. Desire, imagination and the ability to command are God’s trinity of primary attributes. If you
can do these things, then you are God, and therefore are the Doer, the Doing, and the Done.”
Student: “Then I am not a co-creator with God, as all these New Agers like to say?”
Guru: “‘Co-‘ implies two, does it not?”
Student: “I guess so.”


I hope this has wet your appetite enough to want to read more….of one of the most enlightening pieces of material I have read in my 30 plus years of “search and discovery.” For 3 plus years I was a student in a School called First Wave (some people refer to these schools as Mystery Schools…well, there really is  no mystery at all…only as we keep this info from ourselves because it is readily available when we are ready for it) with lessons taught by Jason Davis.  As everything does, it came at the right time in my life because I was at the point of the marriage of science and spirit. I resonated strongly with his teachings as they took spiritual matters and clarified how they played out in the physical realm….very clearly.

Jason does not beat around the bush or try to feed you what you might want to hear. He teaches TRUTH in the most honest upfront manner…always living in his integrity. If you are truly ready to hear TRUTH that is not watered down…if you are ready to experience TRUTH to the point of true mind expansion, if you are ready for the marriage of science and spirit (yes folks, Truth is a marriage of science and spirit…you can’t have one without the other)…then here is the download link:

Student and Guru

This ebook comes free to those who feel drawn to it. You will know if you are one of them.

I love this resource and will refer to it many times  over the life of the blog I am sure 😉

Here’s hoping your day started magically.
Don’t forget to dream…BIG!

Sharing my light…and basking in yours, 😉
Kathy  Kathy

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  1. Robin

    Ha – yes, Kathy – I can see why you like it. Thanks.
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Keeping Body And Soul Together =-.

    Hi Robin….I really do love these teachings. Plain and simple, it just makes sense…and, I resonate with it.
    Always nice to see you here Robin…thanks for stopping by 😉 Kathy

  2. Barb Weber

    Wow! That was way cool! Every time I go your blog there’s always something new and a different way of putting the truth…Thank you Kathy, once again you’ve enlightened me. Love you, Barb

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Thanks Barb 😉 Always happy when you stop by 😉

  3. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    I had to read that twice, it was so powerful. I really like how clearly that was worded. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it!
    (And thank you for mentioning It’s All About Joy!)

    Co- implies two. That will stick with me today… (smile)
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..Part II of the Series “Blogs I Love” =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Megan…It seems you are definitely one who resonates with these teachings. I hope you took the time to download the book…believe me, it is worth the read.
      Thanks for coming by Megan…it’s always nice to see you here…;)

  4. Tess The Bold Life

    Hi Kathy,
    It’s amazing how we all find what we need at the time we need it. I have been a student of A Course In Miracles for 20 plus years. It saved my marriage and it continues to save my relationships with my 4 adult daughters and sons-in-law. We moved to AZ two years ago and the second thing we did was to find ACIM study groups. Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Bold Colors and Bold Fun With Family =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Tess…The Universe is pretty smart eh? Somehow the things we really need…those for soul growth will always appear at the right moment 😉
      Thanks for coming by Tess…please come back soon…;)

  5. Jeanne

    Hi, Kathy — umm, I’m only just past chapter 3, but am appreciating it so far, and look forward to continuing on. I’m just coming out of the place where the universe said “stop reading, stop thinking, be still” and this is the first thing I come upon? I think it’s serendipitous!
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..A Pinch of Silence, for Good Measure =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Jeanne…I am not at all surprised that you resonate with what you have read so far. It really is plain and simple…how could ONE be anything but simple? 😉
      I love that word serendipitous! And I love that you just had a serendipitous moment! Someone very wise once said:
      “the Universe is so in love with us that it sometimes can’t help itself, and showers us with loving gifts that we didn’t think to ask for.”… 😉 Kathy

  6. Barb Weber

    I just read the first article….Wow if we could all consciously remember that like attracts like! To see that everyone is a mirror of ourselves when we hate or love. Thank you again Kathy.. for all these gentle reminders… Great blog! Love ya, Barb

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Barb,
      That mirror of ourselves can be brutally honest can’t it? If we are brave enough to own up, it can lead to beautiful inner growth!
      I love it when you are here…and I love you!

  7. Evita

    Hi Kathy

    Very awesome and I loved the format for the two way conversation.

    What jumped out at me the most was the aspect of “desire” – yes I do believe that is a very important aspect of how we live, who we are and what we do with this life. And to think in some ways it is just that simple…

    Thanks for the link love too!
    .-= Evita´s last blog ..Choice Point 2012 =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Evita…that’s the beauty of Truth…it is simplicity at its finest. Chaos and confusion came as a result of our thinking that we were separate from Source. Source does not need to be hidden in a bunch of jargon and fancy worded paragraphs. Truth simply is! It’s always nice to see you here Evita…;)

  8. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Kathy,

    Wow! I loved that article and thank you so much for the link. Like Megan mentioned, that line about how “co” implies two was truly powerful.

    People so often doubt that their thoughts do create form. This post shows how powerful we truly are and that the Divine Source is all within us. We do create our realities.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Nadia….
      I am so glad you loved the article and have downloaded the link. Some fabulous, enlightening reading in front of you. Maybe if enough people download it and read it we can do a discussion on some of the topics covered.

      Please come back…the blog is new and the look will improve…and, I promise only GREAT content!
      Namaste my new friend,

  9. Mark

    I love the wisdom you shared today. I will be sure to check out this e-book. Thanks for the recommendation.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..You Are Worthy of Ever Lasting Love, Joy and Abundance! =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Mark….thanks for stopping by
      I hope you enjoy the book and teachings as much as I did/do. 😉

  10. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Kathy,
    This is very good.
    You said – if you are ready for the marriage of science and spirit – I’m partying at the after wedding celebration already lol
    lots of love Janni
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Perfectly Imperfect……… and a ‘cracked pot’ story. =-.

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Janni…I am so happy you stopped by again. I laughed at what you said…
      that you were partying at the after wedding party already….;)
      how bout we work on getting everyone to that after party! 😉

  11. Barb Weber

    I watched a show last year about 3 mediums. They were taken to the exact places that Jon Benet, Madeleine, Natalee Holloway and George Smith crime scenes happened. They described the whole scene of each abduction/death. If I remember right it was on The Learning Channel or A & E, I’ll find out for sure and get back to you. Just because you can bring the show up on the computer at Hulu. Anyway the mediums were in separate areas of the crime scenes thus giving their own psychic feelings on each scene. Very compelling as all 3 had much of the same answers to what happened. I’ll do the research and find out what station it was on…. Anyway love your website Kathy!
    Love you, Barb

    Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the info. It is also compelling evidence for those who have trouble believing there are other realms! 😉 Come back soon…and often!

  12. Barb Weber

    I think I found the show…Trutv. They describe the woman and two men. Anyway soon you’ll be able to watch the episodes of these mediums. They are still setting up the website for viewing it sounds like. Anyway you might be able to catch them on Love, Barb

  13. Barb Weber

    Those shows are on Trutv. You can actually watch them at the website. The name to click on is Haunting Evidence. Scroll down and click on which show that you are interested in seeing. There’s some I haven’t seen and I plan on going back and reviewing the others. Fascinating. Fondly, Barb

  14. Barb Weber

    I just read that story about the Chinese couple. I got chills it was way cool. And listening to that German scientist gave me such comfort of where Kerry is. It all makes sense. Love Ya!

  15. Barb Weber

    December 9, 2007 our beloved daughter crossed over to the other side. She was 24 years old. We held a ceremony for her on that night this year to celebrate her life with several close friends she knew and loved and some that were at her bedside when she left her body.
    WhiIe I believe in ascension and that is very possible for all of us, Kerry I believe had a different agenda in this life. She was very ill and didn’t let us know the kind of pain she was in or even that she was sick. I’ve read every book that I can get on the subject of the afterlife and why souls choose this kind of life they do. Hers was to learn that she was loved. Her family and her friends knew that it was something that she had a struggle with in this life. By being as sick as she was at the end and the pain she endured for almost a year it made us so sad. It was her soul learning how to accept all the love we showered on her the last four weeks of her young life. Her soul had to learn to accept the pampering from her family and friends and how we all did everything we could to make her as comfortable. Showered her with the love she should have recognized from her family and friends all her life. Not to say she didn’t much her life.
    Anyway there were so many friends at her bedside when she passed her doctor said he’s never seen anything like it. At her memorial, It was phenomenal! Families and friends she loved came out to eulogize her. It was heartwarming. She really did have a wonderful full life of people who loved her.
    We released her ashes out at Daniels in the foothills of Denver. It was her favorite place to go.So it was at a soul level and now she understands it all. Perhaps in her next lifetime she will understand Ascension. Love, Barb

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Barb…that was so beautiful! It is very true what you say about Kerry and what she was here to learn. What I think the rest of us need be aware of is what were we supposed to learn from this most loving child of God. She certainly taught us all in life about real love. The kind that does not judge or place condemnation on anyone. She truly was as pure as it gets on the earth in that element.
      I miss her with all my heart…as I know you do, but all we need do is learn to communicate with her in her new life…for, she is always around! The connection you two have should be written about! A true, true, love story!


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