A Spiritual Perspective on Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts

Esoteric Value

Please join me
in what I feel is great fun; gleaning from fairy tales their esoteric significance.  By esoteric, my intention is to imply hidden meaning, as in the opposite of exoteric, that which is obvious and seen.  Fairy Tales have been recorded since the beginning of time and the genre was classified as fairy tales in the 17th century.  The tales include elements of magic, enchantment, out of the ordinary and out of the box imagery, to name a few. 

Characters are talking animals, trees, plants, etc. and come and go like the wind, neither knowing where they came from or where they are going. Now Isn’t that perfect fodder for our spiritual journeys?

For me, Fairy Tales mirror our explorations and discovery of life’s basic questions,  mirror universal law,  existential questions,  and evoke queries that urge us on to higher states of consciousness.   So,  please join me in the analysis and critiquing of one of my favorite metaphorical vignettes.  Let me know what hidden meanings you interpret from your favorite allegories.

Alice in Wonderland is a wonderland of scholarly interpretations. I have heard many different perspectives from psychedelic trips, Freudian implications, politics, mathematics, to philosophy etc. Lewis Carroll’s wild ride is a treasure of Spirit and humanness.


Many of us have encountered the confusion felt when looking in a mirror and losing the ability to know the left from the right,  where right appears as left or writing is reversed, all the while looking identical to what is reflected
Alice drinks from the “Drink Me” bottle filling the entire room with her whole Being so that there is no space for anything else.  She sighs and states, “Oh, you foolish Alice!’ ‘How can you learn lessons in here? Why, there’s hardly room for you, and no room at all for any lesson-books!”
This is a clear mirror for what happens to us when we are in our victim mode or full of ourselves.
When our attention is so focused on self, there is no room for learning no opportunity for  growth because it is taken over by the separate self.  Her experiences with changing from extreme size, big to very little educates her on the benefits and disadvantages of our ego trips.  This is just one example of Lewis Carroll’s use of opposites.
As we have heard before in posts, the opposites define each other, we would not know sad without happy, cold without hot, good without evil.  How about a birthday necessitating an unbirthday?

Comfort and Trust with Transformation

“Who are you purrs the caterpillar”? to Alice.  ‘I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present I know – at least I know who I was when I got up in this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. I can’t understand my self, to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing.”
The caterpillar knows full well who he is and what his transformation will do to and for him.  He does not for one moment doubt or fear this process which at a specific developmental time begins with the change to a chrysalis and then a butterfly.  He is aware that it is normal and expected.  That this state will not change his unique individuality or essence.  We do not lose anything in this change, we are all we were and so much more.. Alice reflects our doubts, fears and concerns of transformation when she declares, “I wonder if I’ve changed in the night? Let me think; was I the same when I got up this morning? But if I am not the same, who in the world am I ?”  How soothing would it be to have full trust and cognizance in our process of transformation, ascension, translation?  How sweet it is, to relax into the natural process of becoming light and love because we realize what we are as the caterpillar is urging.  Who are you, do you know?

The Stressed Out Life – Can we hear the Silence?

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date
No time to say “Hello”, goodbye!
I’m late!
I’m late!
I’m late!

I run and then I hop hop hop
I wish that I could fly
There’s danger if I dare to stop and here’s the reason why…
A stressed rabbit who wishes he could fly, hmmm does anyone resemble that sentiment?  Ah, so simple, just like Alice blowing up in the room where there is no space for anything else but her.  Alice chases to see where, why and what the white rabbit is late for when he does not even know, portraying the frivolity of our fast paced stressed out life.  How is one to hear the silence?  What is your priority?

The Wise Ones

And then there is the grinning Cheshire Cat of the Duchess who I submit is likened to a Master, one who has overcome, who comes and goes from what seems nowhere and is the only creature that listens and educates Alice. “`Cheshire Puss, Alice chants. “Come, it’s pleased so far, would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
”That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, Cheshire smiles,
”I don’t much care where”
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” chides cat
”…so long as I get somewhere,” urges Alice.
”Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.'”
“`But I don’t want to go among mad people,” cries Alice.
”Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
The Wise Ones will never tell us what to do, where to go, or how to think.  They simply ask questions emphasizing that all of the answers are within ourselves.
They will not judge, their only intention is to urge us to a closer walk with that still inner voice, our connection with the Divine.
So if the boat does not have a rudder, it will get somewhere but not necessarily where one may have wanted, if they had a plan.  “You cannot discover new oceans if you do not have the courage to lose site of the shore.”  And of course, this ever changing, ever evolving world is our open book and where we go will always teach us, it may just take a bit longer. Yet, isn’t it about having the right tools in making it a joyous ride?  I just renovated a bathroom and the correct tools made oh so much difference!

It’s Your Turn

I perceive the theme of Alice in Wonderland to awaken the process of inquiry within.  The instinct to question  everything, taking the query within to the still small voice and let it work within us to a state of knowing, the state of Grace that is Faith.  Alice taught me that everything that seems to be is not and that which isn’t really is.

Okay, now it is your turn, lets have some fun…

Suzen Suzen


  1. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Kathy,

    I loved how you analyzed “Alice in Wonderland” from a spiritual perspective. A lot of what you wrote really resonated with me. I do not recall all the details of the story by I do remember how she slids down into the ground and that always struck me as a metaphor for believing what we see in the world. When we fall for the illusions, we get lost and in a way that is wonderland to some degree. Then again, it has been years since I read the story so I may be off. Apologies if I am. 🙂
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..Chillin’ with the Saltwater Buddha: Being Spiritual in a Material World =-.

    1. Suzen

      Isn’t it fun? Yes, Alice sliding into the earth is likened to the illusions of the world that we FALL for, and do we get lost… Another polarity to help us understand what we want, just like Jaimal {your last post} staying at that fancy hotel.

  2. suzen

    Hi Kathy!
    Delightful blog post! The Alice connection works so very well in it! Great job!
    I came here from Nadia’s blog – confused because your comment said “Suzen” – which is my name – and yet this blog says you are Kathy. Doesn’t take much to confuse me, haha. Thought perhaps this was the Universe’s way of telling me we should meet! 🙂

    1. Kathy Dobson

      Hi Suzen,
      I am sorry about the confusion. Suzen and I had our awakening together 30 plus years ago and knew that someday we would be sharing with the world what was revealed to our hearts and minds on that enlightening evening. So, we sort of take turns posting as we are both very much part of this blog. The “author” at the top of the article will always clue you in to who wrote it 😉
      Thanks for coming by and I hope you come back often! If you’re curious, you can read the abridged version of our awakening in the second post of this blog.
      Please come back often…I do believe the Universe did want us to meet!

  3. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Suzen,

    I feel like such an idiot…I did not see your name, I was so consumed in thinking about what you had written, I had assumed Kathy wrote the post. Apologies for that. 🙂
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..Chillin’ with the Saltwater Buddha: Being Spiritual in a Material World =-.

    1. Suzen

      Absolutely no apologies necessary. Enjoyed your repsonse!
      I enjoy learning about other’s thoughts on art forms that provide juicy metaphors that reflect our spiritual journeys. So thanks again Nadia.
      .-= Suzen´s last blog ..A Spiritual Perspective on Alice in Wonderland =-.

  4. Robin

    Hi Suzen – that was very interesting – I haven’t ever read Alice in Wonderland and don’t really know anything about it – I do now! (I had heard the LSD insinuation – heh)

    I found tha late rabbit wanting to fly interesting… about once a week I drive to my mother’s place in the coulntry – the drive takes almost 2 hours each way. Over the years I have often thought about how nice it will be when I can just relocate myself instantly, to save me the drive (which invoves freeways and trucks etc). I always decide that the fact that I can’t do it yet means there is some benefit for me in doing it the slow way – perhaps the meditative state I get into while driving, or fine-tuning my ability to keep calm with bad drivers around me.

    I do find that I am enjoying the drive very much, and it passes quickly!
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Ego Is Not A Dirty Word =-.

    Hi Robin,
    What a blessing that you travel to see your Mom every week. i am sure that the time spent allows you to enter the silence and develop your coping and peace skills with drivers that are stressed, angry or tired.
    I do know what you mean about the flying rabbit. So many times when I am bumper to bumper in major traffic I think about my natural ability to translocate. Perhaps the drive to and from Mom will provide you with the opportunity to overcome the ties that bind and tarry you on your way to beaming! Thanks for your post, always nice to connect.

  5. Mark

    This is a great post. I love your thoughts and how you related Alice’s story to our story which is all the same. I have done the same with the Wizard of Oz. There is much wisdom interlaced within that story as well. Just goes to show you that there is much more than there at first appears to be.

    Hi Mark,

    What a pleasure to meet you! I couldn’t agree with you more… and yes, the Wizard
    of Oz, the Velveteen Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and it goes on and on
    and on regarding the esoteric values in the legendary classics.

    As with every other body of art, I believe the evolution of the consciousness allows
    us to understand and glean deeper and deeper value to the story.

    I am in England now and having trouble getting on Kathy and my site,
    http://www.physicallyimmortal.com so forgive the delay, we are working it out.
    A deep hearted hello and appreciation for a fellow student of the classics. Makes
    my heart sing!

    Warmest regards,

  6. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Suzen,
    Love your insights and interpretations of Alice and her team!
    You invited us to have fun, so thought I’d share a little piece I wrote in a writing class. We were asked to write a letter and reply to a storybook character – Cinderella and I corresponded in this fashion.
    Dear Cinderella
    What was it like in that household? You
    must have felt like a slave being at the beck and call
    of your stepmother. Not being able to have your own
    opinion or do what you wanted. And those stepsisters –
    the ridicule and hatred they dumped on you. How did you
    find the strength to overcome those demonic individuals
    with their strong voices knowing they held the means of
    your survival? I guess it was the strength of your spirit,
    your softness and beauty. Of course the fairy godmother
    helped a bit too. Who was she – the divine mother? I
    know you are happy now with your prince charming – what a
    man and so deserved.
    Love Janni

    Dear Janni
    Great to hear from you. Yes my prince
    charming was well worth the effort. My stepmother is now
    in rehabilitation. She had an alcohol problem you know. My
    stepsisters have grown up. Most of their stuff was just
    teenagers being themselves. I don’t hold any grudges.
    Compassion and strength of spirit were my strongest allies.
    Most people have these nasty inner voices that are
    reflected in the people around them. Our inner dialogue
    needs to become self affirming and allow us to
    courageously follow our dreams and passions. The fairy
    godmother was indeed the divine mother, her voice is one
    that has been long denied by the world but now they are
    Well Charming and I are going to another ball
    tonight. I have a beaut new green dress to wear and I’ve
    dusted off my glass slippers. The music will be a little
    Strauss combined with a lot of hip hop. Wish you were
    here, Charming’s brother is visiting and he’s hot!
    Lots of love Cinder

    infinite blessings Janni

    1. Suzen

      Hi Janni,
      Excellent and yes, great fun… I laughed at the humor and especially enjoyed your comment about our inner dialogue mirrored in those around us and the archetypes that may rule us if we are not aware who they are and what their role is in our growth and transformation.
      Another twist is Cinderella’s ability to rise above the ways of the world and hold the vision of light, love and joy. She possesses compassion, courage and strength which she held onto steadfastly. The results demonstrates what happens when the critical mass meter of our attitudes tips 51% in favor of our dreams and passions fed by faith and hope.
      And the fairy godmother, our guardians, ancestors, guides, angels, intuition, inner voice sees us through it all and initiates when the tests are passed.
      Thanks Janni, so much and so prolific and revealing, like peeling the proverbial onion…
      .-= Suzen´s last blog ..A Spiritual Perspective on Alice in Wonderland =-.

  7. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Suzen,
    Our dialogue here inspired me to share Cinder’s insights and create a thread entitled ‘The Divine mother …….. another interpretation of an old classic’ in the Oprah community http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/120507
    blessings Janni
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

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  9. Myung Hessee

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