“The Eden Experience”



Now that we have moved beyond the solstice integration window and into the new season, prolific changes await us all as we enter the second half of this 11/2 year of mastery and sacred union.  We are headed for another major turning point in our lives…with three eclipses approaching amidst a Mars retrograde and an upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, we are venturing deep into the unknown, into the extra-ordinary.

For the ascension veterans, the season ahead brings with it enormous potential for the emergence of the ancient/original human template.  We are beginning to interface with the New Human circuitry that hooks into the central mainframe of the New Earth…a combination of advanced software and hardware needed for what is being called “The Eden Experience”.

We have been diligently preparing every level of our body system for this shift since the December solstice of 2017…a time that ushered in the diamond codes needed to activate our multi-dimensional (diamond/rainbow) light body.  The requirements to complete this preparation period have been beyond encompassing…immobilizing even…as we have been transfixed in limbo for months on end, severing each and every karmic contract with our life in duality and remapping our neural networks.



The goal all these many months has been to synthesize our physical and light bodies…to rewrite the script of our human density and clear the old programming so that a new manifest destiny can be brought into being from within our physical form.

To do this requires that we fully honor the space we are in while staying open and neutral to the developing light-body expression which allows for the physical body to accept and hold a new, higher frequency.  So far this has been a mostly brutal process…one in which it may have seemed like all our bodies were at war with each other, but in reality it is the process of amalgamation that we have been witness to as our lower and higher cell matrixes come into synthesis, marrying the denser body with the light-er body.

And so, to be fully ready for this eventful season ahead we have been working day & night (in both our waking and dream state) to override fields of densified disharmony, continually bringing our focus out of the past so that we no longer project those timelines onto our future.  In the process of continually realigning our perceptions to Truth, we have been clearing our akashic records and reorganizing/restructuring all incoherent energy patterns that created our current mind-body state.

All this was in preparation for the second half of the year where we get to reimagine ourcellves into BEing from a place of true cohesion…harmonizing our internal-external worlds, reconstituting our flesh with life force…and all in the name of “purifying our earthen vessels” for the coming of the Holy Child.

Ready?  Of course not.  No matter…its GO time.


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