God and I in space alone
And nobody else in view.
“And where are the people, O Lord!” I said.
“The earth below and the sky o’erhead
And the dead whom once I knew?”

“That was a dream,” God smiled and said,
“A dream that seemed to be true,
There were no people, living or dead,
There was no earth and no sky o’erhead
There was only Myself in you.”

“Why do I feel no fear,” I asked,
“Meeting you here in this way,
For I have sinned I know full well,
And there is heaven and there is hell,
And is this the judgment day?”

“Nay, those were dreams,” the great God said,
“Dreams that have ceased to be.
There are no such things as fear or sin,
There is no you-you have never been-
There is nothing at all but Me.”

Isn’t Truth absolutely SIMPLE!

Ella has long been my favorite female poet…her poems radiate Truth in the simplest of terms….

The day must come when “fear and sin” will have no meaning to you anymore. When you begin “seeing,” there will be no divisions…you will know everything as ONE MOVEMENT forward…forever evolving.

And, you will “see” things perfectly…

“Be still and know that I am God”

Be grateful for all things…for all things…when you trace them back to their very beginnings…past molecules and atoms…past quantum particles to their humble start you “see” that everything comes from the same source.

There is only ONE….Quit labeling things.

And Love….




  1. Robin

    Hi Kathy – that is very beautiful. I love to sense the way I am connected to all things – it is the natural way to be, to me. I have just published a post about being highly defined! – but being highly defined is the result of fully expressing the creative Source when is flows freely through us, I think – and this occurs when we sense there is only ONE. – R

    Wise words Robin! I am off to read your new blog post!

  2. Akemi - Yes to Me

    Hi, I like this, and also find Robin’s comment above very interesting in relation to this post. Thank you.

    Hi Akemi,
    I agree about Robin’s comment being relative to the post. How in the world will we ever define ourselves until we’re totally aware of our ONEness.

  3. Keith

    Hello Kathy,

    Nice article and it is beautifully written. I remember noticing early in my journey the interconnectedness of everything. The older I get the more of it I see, and the more it makes me feel peace and gratitude.


    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Keith,
      Peace…isn’t that what we’re all really searching for? Peace of mind and heart and soul…
      Peace and Freedom…my two favorite words!
      Nice to see you again!

  4. Evita

    Hi Kathy

    What a beautiful poem and I love the words you finished with.

    Yes, to be still, is all that it takes to sometimes feel God and be one with the all. How simple and yet how profound.

    P.S. I just loved that video you have on the side about genes and immortality.

    Hi Evita…
    I am so happy to have you here..and, I am glad you loved the poem…as I do. I am hoping others have taken the time to watch the video as you have…it is worth it!

  5. Suzen

    I saw the Space Show at the Hayden Planetaruim in NYC. It was phenomenal in many ways, but one of the key points is that every living and (what some of us think) non-living essence in the universe is made of the exact same material. Great Spirit is such a wonderful storyteller and teaches us all things through nature, just like Dorothy of OZ’s glass slippers, right under our very nose!

    And yes Kathy, the silence, where we feel the Light that is in all and ubiquitous, the sacred space of ONEess.

    Silence/Oneness…I think I’ll go meditate…;)

  6. Jeanne

    Kathy, thanks for introducing this poem to me — how perfectly simple the explanation! And Suzen’s point about “every living and (what some of us think) non-living essence in the universe is made of the exact same material” is such super confirmation of what my non-scientific heart just KNEW had to be true :)!
    I used to regard myself as a global citizen, but I’m now thinking cosmic citizen — sounds even truer! OK, I’m ready for the day when I can hear your thoughts, y’all, and you can hear mine. What is that, anyway? — oh yeah, telepathy! Bring it on ~~

    Hi Jeanne,
    I love your “cosmic citizen”…for that’s truly what we are!
    I should sub title this blog:
    A Meeting Place for Conscious Cosmic Citizens!….

    When the day comes that we can “hear” each others thoughts…we will have to live in our integrity and be authentic at all times!
    Love to you…

  7. Bruce

    Great post Kathy! I couldn’t agree more. I have a friend who signs all his emails “We Are One”. I love to steal this line from him 🙂
    When everyone realizes this we will truly experience “heaven on earth”

    Hi Bruce,
    So glad to see that you stopped by 😉 The more individuals expressing Truth, the stronger our Voice will become.
    I hope you come back often!

    1. Florencia

      I couldn’t agree more about gitiarrecs. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

  8. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Kathy,
    The beauty of it all is that with the knowing of oneness, the labels just become fun and joyful – magickal expressions of our individuality and uniqueness in co – operation with all life. Our earth and multi – versal PLAYGROUND.
    love and blessings Janni
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Why would you want to die? =-.

    Hi Janni…magical expressions…I like that! The ONE and the many. 😉 You’re right, there is nothing wrong with labels themselves only in the power we tend to give them when we forget about our ONENESS.
    Thanks for your always wise comment…;) Kathy

  9. Steve

    Hi Kathy
    What a lovely post.
    I have always wrestled with my own beliefs, I’m more science than religion, but I can’t help admitting this poem has a calming, maybe soothing effect.
    I want to believe there is more than I can yet see (or understand)…it’s a hard habit to break as to me seeing is still believing.
    I look forward to your future posts.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..7-under for Four Par 5’s =-.

    Steve…if it’s science you love, then head over the the link I have listed called “Hidden Meanings.” This was the first site I came across that combined science and spirit in a way that I resonated strongly with. Although my awakening came through the spiritual end, my strong point is science…in fact, Suzen always calls me the scientist…;)
    I hope you do come back often…

  10. SnaggleTooth

    When I think of the universe, stars, n planets, I can often feel that one-ness that we all have. Great Poem!
    .-= SnaggleTooth´s last blog ..Sky n Stream =-.

  11. Polprav

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    Hello from the USA! Welcome…;) I am honored that you want to quote something from this blog… please quote and use as you wish as long as the content is not changed and recognition is given….
    thanks so much for taking the time to visit us….please come back again and join our community as it grows and grows!


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