An Open Mind

galaxyThere is only one topic that can possibly begin this blog journey, and that topic is an  “open mind.” Without an open mind, you are stuck in an old worn out mindset of ideas that were mind-expanding at one time, but  are now stagnant, stale, used material that needs to be tossed out to make room for the new. A closed mind is death.  An open mind is HOPE! Life goes on folks…and so do ideas, dreams and visions. It is called evolution.

And, this may come as a surprise to you, but YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL. YOU are responsible for your own evolution.  There is not some great God outside of yourself  that is going to swoop in and save you because you gave to charities in your lifetime. You are responsible for evolving yourself.  You and only you can evolve your being to greater heights by your imaginings and visions.  It is the imagination that took us out of caves, it is the imagination that took us across the ocean, it is the imagination that took us to the stars and it is this same imagination that will evolve us into Immortal Beings….and my imagination cannot even comprehend what is beyond that! There are pioneers on this path.  Those that have exhausted everything taught to them from without.  They simply have a KNOWING that there is more.They hunger and thirst for more…and, so they ask, they reach…they imagine, they envision the POSSIBILITIES. And, the greatest of these visions is an Immortal body.   They are ready to stand forth in their glory…the highest glory and the highest achievement for a mortal. The Glory of your own Immortality! Can you think of a better way to Glorify God?The mortal reaching for immortality. It has to be for life does not stop…evolution does not stop and there will always be a path for those reaching for more…for those that hunger and thirst for Truth. That is how you Glorify God….by taking this body with your own desire, determination, faith, hope and belief and evolving it into the next stage of evolution…an Immortal Being of Light! The imagination is what separates mankind from other created entities. Man is the only created being that can consciously make that decision for himself.  No other created creature has this ability. Can you imagine if the Gods created the imagination and gave us this wonderful tool only to tell us that everything we imagined would have to stay as a vision in the mind,  never to see manifestation? What a torture that would be and what a waste.  The imagination would have no purpose! And what a cruel game that would be! The Gods are not playing a game.

The imagination does have a glorious purpose….but, that purpose is not death.  That purpose is to take us to previously unimagined heights of glorious achievement, visions and dreams…worlds without end. Understand this, you cannot imagine anything that cannot be achieved.  Just by virtue of the fact that you can imagine it…you can achieve it, for all things are already created and we are simply tapping into the storehouse of “all possibility.” We simply align ourselves with this force and bring it forth into manifestation…taking it from one realm and manifesting it in another. What good is our imaginings if they are only pictures to tease us? We need to give the Gods more credit than this.

This is not about some game they are playing with us…..tease us with an imagination that has no purpose other than to imagine ideas and dreams that are not creatable?  Use your common sense.  That simply does not make sense. Your imagination is your greatest gift and used for higher purposes will take you beyond anything you previously thought impossible….including death. So, for those of you who have landed here with an open mind, hang on because it’s going to be a “magic carpet ride” as you expand your reality to include “all possibility.” For those others who still have doubts I say, don’t take my word for it,  turn within and stop trusting in the “arm of flesh.” Go within and ask your God for the Truth. He waits patiently for your attention…when you have exhausted all outside chases. He and only he should be your guide and your Truth. Yes, we must thirst and hunger for Truth.

We must desire to know God (you can call this Higher Wisdom anything you want) with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength…not just know “about God.” When understanding “who you are and why you are here” becomes the predominant force in your life….and you turn within to your God and you ask….then and only then will you be given the answers. YOU have to want it, YOU have to desire it, YOU have to bring it into manifestation by the sheer force of your WILL. YOU are the catalyst that connects you with Universal Thought….All Possibility! WILL your Immortality into existence. You are a child of God…this is your inheritance….and, the only thing it is waiting for is your WILL to achieve it! I can only imagine what Glories are in store for us beyond our own Immortality!  Those too will be revealed to us as we spiral onwards…infinitely pushing forward into eternity, worlds without end. I AM on for the ride…how about you? Kathy Thanks for visiting. I hope you have found “food for thought.” Please feel free to comment…I  welcome any and all comments. And I hope you’ll come back often!


  1. Akemi - Yes to Me

    I’m the first commenter on this blog? So cool. I’ve been waiting for this blog since you mentioned it on LLF.
    You are so after my own heart. We share the same vision about God and spirituality. I’m coming to this idea of physical immortality from the spiritual side, in the light of Ascension, and so glad to find people like yourself coming to the same idea from different paths of life.

    I’m subscribing — keep up the great work.
    Love & Light,
    Akemi Gaines

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Akemi,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and also for those kind words. You are exactly what this blog is all about! I want to be a gathering place for anyone who resonates with these words. I am so glad you were the first commenter!
      I am not signed up with aWeber yet to capture your email address…but it will be up soon.
      I hope you come back often Akemi…such a beautiful name!
      Love and Light back to you my friend,

  2. Robin

    Hi Kathy – I’m so excited you have started a blog on this topic! “That is how you Glorify God….by taking this body with your own desire, determination, faith, hope and belief and evolving it into the next stage of evolution…an Immortal Being of Light!” – wonderful.

    I love the way you discuss imagination here – I haven’t seen this idea before, quite the way you have expressed it, anyway. It is such a good point! It rings very true to me, that if we can imagine something we can make it happen – it fits in very well with the concept we are designed to be the way the Source carries out creation. It is indeed a breathtaking ride that it is before us, methinks.

    Cheers – Robin

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Hi Robin,
      I am so glad you’re here! After all, you are the catalyst that finally got me going on a project I’ve dreamed about for over 30 years! Little did I know that the Internet would be my avenue! You have such a wonderful blog…so full of life, love and all things positive….the same values I want to share here.
      I truly want this to be a gathering ground for everyone who resonates with the words…and you are an important piece of that!

  3. Keith

    Hello Kathy!

    I really like what you said about imagination and I couldn’t agre more. I have always loved this Einstein quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

    Isn’t that a great quote? It fits nicely with this article too!

    Thanks Kathy! 🙂

  4. Jeanne

    Hi, Kathy — Congrats on this new site, it’s a Happy Day to have more input on the subject. I’m new to it and quite enthralled, and I look forward to keeping up with you here 🙂

    1. Kathy Dobson (Post author)

      Jeanne…it’s great to have you here Jeanne. I enjoyed you so much over at Robin’s blog and know you will be an important contributor here.
      Keith…thanks for coming by and commenting. I absolutely love that quote you left me with and I am going to use it! Please come back often.
      Everyone….thanks for your patience with the blog design. I promise a more artistic look soon!

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  7. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Kathy,
    Congrads on your physical immortal blog! Love all that you said here – can’t wait for the next installment! You have 30 years of wisdom from treading the physical immortal path to share with us all.
    The more we speak our truths the more we encourage others to explore this paradigm shift in awareness .
    many blessings Janni

    Hi Janni,
    Thanks for stopping by. And, thanks for nudging me into action…;) I have waited a long time for the time when I would be able to share what has lived in my heart for over 30 year now. It almost seem impossible that the day has finally arrived! You and everyone who has landed here so far are all kindred spirits on the path. I love all of you!

  8. Suzen

    A joyful greeting to all of you. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dialogue with you about my deepest passion and joy. So many of us are awakening to the limitless possibilities of what it means to glorify God in our present physical bodies. Minds are opening everywhere and discarding the limitation imposed by culture, custom, tradition and old patterns, sprouting wings and believing in the ultimate freedom:

    I look forward to joining with you in the ultimate journey of discovery, exploration and wisdom where our highest freedom
    glorifies God!


    Hi Suzen…Beautiful words laced with wisdom. Welcome aboard! It’s nice to hear your voice finally 😉
    We’re all looking forward to your first post….Kathy

  9. Evita

    Hi Kathy!

    What a perfect post to start your blog with – the idea of an open mind is priceless.

    And you are so right – one has to start with an open mind if one is to go deeper, to feel more, to see more and to be more.

    What amazing wisdom you share indeed – I am so happy that you have started this blog – the more voices we have out there helping people awaken, the better.

    P.S. Yes, I did read your about page, and say I resonate with your journey so much 🙂

    Hi Evita…yes, an open mind is definitely a prerequisite to learning anything new….
    Once we understand that all is ONE all is God then we will trust God to give us wisdom and understanding from whatever channel HE may choose to use.
    Blessings and love…Kathy

  10. Andy

    Hi thank you for this blog site,it seems like I have been alone for years and years,like you said there was no internet or anyone else I could find anywhere that I could share this with.I found a man I think it was back in 1983 that I was trying to tell about my church,and he told me he had higher knowledge, and gave me one of the books from Annalee Skarin,and I came to realize the truth of life eternal.At first it seemed impossible how could all the people be wrong, and me of all people be the only one that knew this.It really seemed strange no one seemed to understand,its like a veil was pulled over thier eyes.I think I had better stop for now,Its just so exciting to find you and this sight.Praise God for you.Andy

    Hi Andy,
    How wonderful it is that you came by and commented. Anyone who is an friend of Annalee’s is also a friend of mine. Annalee will always remain near and dear to us as she has been with Suzen and I from the start.
    You never have to feel alone again…not with this budding community of Immortalists taking shape. We’re here to share, teach, learn, grow and ascend with one another!
    Please come and share your thoughts with us often.
    Love to you Andy…Kathy

    1. Suzen

      Hi Andy,
      And a high spirited welcome and gratitude for you! Isn’t it just the icing on the cake when another brother or sister catch the glimpse and permits their soul to speak louder than their culturally imposed mind? It is so very exciting, the journey of the heart guided by spirit. Yeah team…Amen, amen!

  11. Barb Weber

    Wow! What a glorious way to share the truth. Thank you Kathy and Suzen! As Andy writes, this is a sight to come to and know that there are others out there that share the same truths…Love, Barb

  12. affinlybloono


    Hi…I am not exactly sure what you said here…I can only hope it is something that will contribute in a positive way! I think I need to get a translator for the blog!
    Thanks for coming by!

  13. gloria

    I am totally new at blogging, however the subject of annalee skarin is close to my heart. my mother had been introduced to analee’s books long ago when searching for a deeper walk with God. Long ago misplaced, the name came up in discussion. i looked online and purchased for her the complete set of books.
    she is almost finished with them all. She is now 85 years old.
    The importance of this is that she has had a very close walk with god all these years. Many visions, dreams, and most importantly a visitation , in which she was carried in Christ’s arms up to the Father and He wrote something on her forehead. Since that day that is still vivid in her mind, she has never been the same. she had her 40th anniversary November 2009.
    She believes and understands everything Annalee teaches. Much she cannot say to anyone for lack of understanding and ridicule. but this is a special time, and for those who truly are seeking to serve God first and foremost, this knowledge seems to be abounding.
    I speak with my mother on these things every morning. i am one of only a few who believe her.On the surface, other’s reactions are “who do you think you are?” They misunderstand. All glory and honor goes to the Father. She is not puffed up, but rather abased at the mercy, forgiveness, and love of God.
    The only good in us is the portion we allow God’s Spirit to fill and change. To grow in the likeness of God, we must continually die to self.
    However, this is not the important thing I wanted to share. Anyone– who has really studied Analee’s books knows that she clearly states beyond a doubt, that the love and knowledge of Christ is the only door to this higher knowledge.
    This is where the line is drawn in the sand. Whatever one chooses to believe—Analee’s teachings were only meant for those who accept Christ as the Savior . Any other teachings contrary to this are anti-Christ and do not apply to her life and experiences.
    The last thing she wants is to glorify her self as a psysic. She experienced. She was told to write her experiences. If one is truly
    chosen of God, no one but the Spirit of God has to tell you. It is a part of you. You cannot be different. The things of this world do not satisfy the longings of your heart. You don’t feel a part of the world, just walking thru it to accomplish God’s will in your life and to show all those God has placed in your life his wonderful love.
    I must close for now. does anyone understand me?

  14. Janni Lloyd

    Hi Gloria,
    Yes, you are understood. I have been living and researching the philosophy of physical immortaity for 18 years. I have written a paper ‘Physical immortality – the mass possibility’ which approaches this from the spiritual, alternative medical, quantum physics and medical science perspectives. You can check it out at
    I have read some of Annalee’s work – I find a lot of her ideas very worthwhile, some I view differently.
    many blessings Janni
    .-= Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Physical Immortality – the mass possibility Dr Janni Lloyd =-.

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