Light Bodies are the natural result of raising and aligning our consciousness

with that of Love, which is Light.

It is our most natural course, our highest potential, and the next step in the

evolution of mankind.


This Light Body is our vehicle of Love expressing in form as we operate from the conscious
awareness of Love, the new “divine system.”

This is the body we evolve to operate in the 5th
dimension, the dimension of Love that we are presently creating on Earth through our conscious
alignment with Love. 

As you go through your “metamorphosis” stage, clean out, remove, and shift your inner
perceptions, command your thoughts to recognize Love (rather than fear) in every moment.
Standing fast in that conviction of Love, your perceptions (your consciousness) and cells (your
physical form) shift to reflect this light. 

In other words, you can’t sport a “gleaming new consciousness” of sparkling White Light without
sporting a “gleaming new body” of sparkling White Light, because the physical form is simply a
reflection of consciousness.

Since Love is your true authentic vibration, you have moved into your perfect authentic expression.
You are Love in spirit, Light in consciousness, and Life in form, the Holy Trinity. Love, Light and
Life. Where there is Love, there is Light; where there is Light, there is Life. Where there is Life,
there is Love…and the circle of creation goes on forever, worlds without end. 

 The process is simple if you are brave enough to let go of all the confusing definitions and
explanations you’ve been fed that do nothing but complicate things.


When your mind/consciousness aligns with Love…your physical body aligns with Light
and expresses Life.


When your mind/consciousness aligns with fear, your physical body/frequency aligns with
darkness and expresses death.


Can it get any simpler than that? The higher, finer, and more in harmony your frequency is with
your true authentic frequency of Love, the lighter, finer, and more in harmony your cells are with
Life, with the Unity-Verse, the Symphony of Love.

The more you are consciously aligned with Love, the faster your frequency, and greater is the Light
that you generate. You literally “Light up from within,” and nothing – not even death – has power
over Light and Life.

Mortals are mortal by “virtue of” their frequency alignment with fear, which is always
temporary and limited.


Immortals are immortal by “virtue of” their frequency alignment with Love,

which is always permanent and eternal