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Student and Guru


The Guru and the Student were sitting together in quiet contemplation, and the Student spoke up,
saying, “I know we’ve covered this before, but I’m going to ask this question once again but with
my new understanding behind the question.”
The Guru whispered: “Go right ahead.”
Student: “What am I?”
Guru: “You are the Creator localized.”
Student: “Who am I?”
Guru: “Do you mean right this moment?”
Student: “Yes.”
Guru: “You are the Creator localized who just spoke the word ‘Yes’.” (more…)

Cosmic Design

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An Open Mind

galaxyThere is only one topic that can possibly begin this blog journey, and that topic is an  “open mind.” Without an open mind, you are stuck in an old worn out mindset of ideas that were mind-expanding at one time, but  are now stagnant, stale, used material that needs to be tossed out to make room for the new. A closed mind is death.  An open mind is HOPE! Life goes on folks…and so do ideas, dreams and visions. It is called evolution.


Cosmic Design

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