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A Spiritual Perspective on Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts

Esoteric Value

Please join me
in what I feel is great fun; gleaning from fairy tales their esoteric significance.  By esoteric, my intention is to imply hidden meaning, as in the opposite of exoteric, that which is obvious and seen.  Fairy Tales have been recorded since the beginning of time and the genre was classified as fairy tales in the 17th century.  The tales include elements of magic, enchantment, out of the ordinary and out of the box imagery, to name a few.  (more…)

Cosmic Design

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Care of the Soul

light For those who may not have read “My Immortal Story,” Suzen is my longtime spiritual partner. She and I have shared this journey from the beginning…from the moment of our awakening and today she is here to share some very wise words that will  both encourage and enlighten any that resonate with them. It is such a joy and pleasure to have the opportunity to dialogue with you about all that is!  Kathy and I have been students of Divine Principle and Law for 33 years.  Please educate and share your thoughts with me, where there are two or more gathered, the brilliance expounds…  (more…)