O Holy Night

Things have been a bit quiet here at Physically Immortal the last few weeks. Tis the season when it seems that all the spare time that one has is stolen away for some sort of seasonal task.

O Holy Night has long been my favorite Christmas song. If there ever was a perfect rendition of it then Celine Dion would be my pick. Her voice is proof that there is indeed a powerful God as he often uses it to touch others…sometimes breaking down barriers that have been put in place to protect us from our own feelings. This song can generate swells of tears as easily as any for me….it touches me so deeply. How she reaches some of those notes is truly a miracle unto itself! What a glorious gift!

Take a few moments to listen…close your eyes and allow the notes to penetrate deep into your soul. Let the sound flood your body with light. You will be moved.

Let it be a moment of complete surrender. Give yourself over totally to the vibration and let it wash through every cell of your entire being. Now you know what ‘healing’ feels like.

After the holidays are over, this blog will resume its normal schedule of publishing. Until then, enJOY this most blessed time of year with your family and friends….know that you are in our hearts and we are full of gratitude that you take the time to come here and share with us.

Celebrate the birth of your Christ. Celebrate your divine heritage. Celebrate your Immortality. Glorify God in the highest way possible by recognizing and honoring your GodSelf. He has waited eons for your return within.

May 2010 be the year of many sweet surprises for you and may Peace and Prosperity rule your life in the New Year.

Thank you for allowing us to bask in your ever growing, expanding…electrifying LIGHT of the ONE true God.

As we head into yet another New Year I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Immortal partner on this path Suzen for 30 plus years of spiritual growth and friendship. We have a special bond…no bond goes deeper, for we share the moment of our awakening and opening to our own Immortality. Is there any moment deeper than that?

We are now building what we have dreamed about for so many years and with the Grace of God we will continue to attract those that resonate with the words and beliefs taught to us. This project has only just begun! We have a Grand Vision!

So much love…from our hearts to yours,



and Suzen…..


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  1. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for sharing Celine here, you two! You’re so right to say that she has a miraculous talent, as do we all. Cheers to all of our lights shining ever brighter as they reach onward and outward to bathe all life everywhere in healing love.

    See ya next year :)
    Jeanne´s last blog ..Rebirth of Worth My ComLuv Profile

    • Kathy Dobson says:

      Hi Jeanne…The gifts…yes…and, the New Year is the perfect time to recognize and be grateful for the gifts that we have. But, on the next planet that we inhabit can I have Celine’s voice? :) :)
      enJOY your holidays Jeanne…are you still traveling? Guess I need to get over to your blog and find out! ;)

  2. Jeanne says:

    PS Can’t WAIT to hear about the Grand Vision . . .
    Jeanne´s last blog ..Rebirth of Worth My ComLuv Profile

  3. Suzen says:

    My powerful soul sis Kathy,
    I am taking the time to merry make as we join voices in Hallelujah chorus in our serendipitous journey! Not surprising at all, after many days of Christmas tarry you wrote your post on the darkest and longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, calling it O Holy Night. It is the seasonal change wherein we are nudged and reminded to enter into hibernation with the soul. Nature leads the way as much of the energy of life is stored to enable creation to take the quiet journey of Silence within to reconnect with all that is.
    I thank the Good Lord for you and all kindred spirits, it is the cats, meow, the icing on the cake, the drink of fresh water that quenches a deep thirst to connect with all expressions of the One, especially those who know… and hey, by the way, I want Celne’s voice too! All kidding aside, I would like to highlight Jeanne’s thought, each of our gifts are magnificent!

  4. Barb Weber says:

    I’ve always loved this song…so moving I cry everytime I hear it…and Celine does a phenomenal job. Ever since Kerry crossed over to the other side I find myself so easily moved by the smallest event happening at the time. I cry all the time, mainly tears of joy, sometimes sad, albeit momentarily, but the emotions are there. I have always been a fairly sensitive person, easily brought to tears, but since our beloved daughter’s passing it’s become more intense. It’s good though, releasing emotions, I feel so liberated. Maybe this is Kerry coming through me at times telling me Mom! Now you understand how I feel! I AM FREE! Love you so very much, Barb

  5. Hi Kathy and Suzen,

    Happy Holidays to you too! What a beautiful version of that song! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

    I look forward to learning more about your grand vision and upcoming posts!

    Love and blessings to you both! :)

  6. Robin says:

    Oh dear, Kathy – we have very different taste in music! (and singers)

    Never mind – have a great Christmas – we are having a brief respite here today from hot weather, which is very pleasant, and Frank and I have stayed home, just the two of us – sheer bliss!
    Robin´s last blog ..There Is A Vitality My ComLuv Profile

    • Kathy Dobson says:

      Hi Robin…ah…variety is the spice of life…;) We all resonate to different tones…different vibrations. As for me, I like many different types of music. So much of it depends on my mood at the moment ;) There is no doubt that I resonate with Celine’s beautiful rendition here as it moves my soul. I feel it deeply and it evokes emotion from me. But, this is not the only kind of music I listen to I assure you.
      Hope your Christmas was special…just like you ;) “Happy New Year Robin…hope its your best ever!”

  7. Janni Lloyd says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Kathy , Suzen and all who visit here, share a slice of this eternally fresh Merry Christmas Cake -

    This Timeless cake is made with numerous pinches of praise, infinite tablespoons of love and cosmic cups of gratitude.
    Measured on a balanced yin/yang scale
    Mixed with passion, desire and complex simplicity
    Baked in an open heart for eternity

    Iced with the rainbow frosting of grace and decorated with dollops of laughter

    And is divinely delicious!

    Lots of Love Janni
    Janni Lloyd´s last blog ..Radio interview – Quest of (physical)immorality – Dr Janni Lloyd My ComLuv Profile

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